No Secrets but She did it!

Vineeta Naresh

She, Vineetha came to me a few months ago. She told me that she is very much interested in painting; she tried in other art schools to learn but some how it didn’t work. She heard about me from others so she came to me. She wants to learn seriously.
These kind of words not new to me. Whoever comes usually they talk like that. They are true in their sense. Sometime in their childhood or high school days they had interest and might have attended a few art classes also. After sometime they might have got bored with the art teacher’s teaching and they stopped going to art classes.
Later they had grown up, got married, had children … and got bored with life, then they wanted to revive again their childhood painting skills. In that process they will find some places who say they will teach painting. They will join there. After sometime again they will get bored. They will lose the interest to learn painting. Not only that, this time they will also lose their confidence about learning painting. Here also the problem lies with the teachers. Most of the times they are not well knowledged.

Well Knowledged or Sound knowledge, whatever word it is. Many laymen or mediocre artists think to teach art to a beginner is not a big issue. They think that someone who has some reasonable painting skills can teach to a beginner easily.
It’s a wrong notion which comes out of ignorance.
To paint for your sake, you can manage with reasonable skills but to teach others a teacher requires good commanding skills. A teacher who is struggling to get his painting well how could he teach to others?
He must be the person who has understood painting as a whole. Otherwise how would he be able to understand students’ struggle to work in a right way?

This is the reason for most of the adult students’ failure to learn even foundation course. Finally they think there are some secrets in painting which teacher is not teaching them. And they will start to think those secrets teacher won’t tell them also. Once they came to that kind of thinking they lose the interest to learn.
This is happening with many of the students. The sad thing is that they don’t know that teacher himself is struggling to do painting successfully and not having much knowledge to teach them. To mask his ignorance in the subject he is creating a wrong notion that painting has many secrets which are not easy to understand.

Vineetha enrolled for my classes and she started to learn these subjects sequentially….
(1) First she started to learn sketching with Positive and Negative spaces, then imaginary scale after that inward and outward curves,
(2) Shading with Pencil with understanding of Value scale
(3) Achromatic Painting in Oil (Copying from great masters’ paintings)
(4) Monochrome Painting in Oil (Copying from great masters’ paintings)
All these subjects she finished in 40 classes. Then she started painting in full color palette and completed her first one from John Singer Sargent’s painting Oyster Gatherers of Cancale.

This is is Vineetha’s first full color painting copied from John Singer Sargent’s
painting Oyster Gatherers of Cancale.

Just think. Really if there are secrets how she has reached to this level of skill within 40 classes?
No secrets. Only there are approaches. She journeyed on the right path. She has intense passion and did hard work. These factors made her to achieve this success.

Next week I will discuss another issue.

– Magunta Dayakar

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