Painting – How to Learn it – In a Professional Way?

So many people want to learn painting and they want to learn it reasonably good. Some of them want to learn it professionally.
Learning professionally! What does that mean?


Sun Set Artist: Magunta Dayakar

You are doing sketching or painting because you are having a passion for it and you are enjoying whatever you are doing. Your family and friends everyone praises them. They say you have a wonderful talent, why don’t you improve it!
Then you will start to search for an art school which will teach painting. You will find one, you will join. But after few months you would become disappointed, because you are not learning as you dreamed. You are not progressing. The school is not teaching anything exciting, and challenging.
You are confused. You don’t know what to do.

One artist from New Jersey wrote to me once. She has an intense passion for painting. She didn’t get opportunity to join in art schools to fulfil her passion to become an artist. Few years after her marriage, she took a decision to join in an art college. She took a loan and joined. After few years she came out of the college with a degree.
Problem started from then.

She got the degree in fine arts but … she didn’t get the professional skills to survive as an artist. This situation put her in trouble because she has to repay the loan which she had taken for her studies. This is happening to so many art enthusiasts who want to be artists. This is not just for the people who want to be professional artists even for Others who like to enjoy it as a hobby have also lost interest to learn due to lack of proper guidance.

Even for someone who likes to enjoy it as a hobby …When will they enjoy?  When she is doing her painting well. 

So whether a student is doing painting as a hobby or as a profession, she has to learn it in a right approach.

In this Thursday Column I am going to write how to learn painting in a professional way. Every week I will share here my experiences, my insights with all of you. I hope this column will be interesting and useful to all, whoever is interested in learning painting.

Starts from October 14th 2016

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