From The Painter’s Heart

What I am doing now? I am writing on how the artist 
has to understand the language of art ; how he has 
to see his inner world and outer world with his 
creative eye.

 Here is a question!
How much do I know about art and creativity? Answer … I know much, I don’t know much.

What I know is what I have learned since sixty years. Now I am at the age of sixty six.

What are these two short sentences expressing? They mean, learning of mine started at the age of six.

No wonder! In general, at the age of six, every child start to analyse subconsciously, what is good for her and what is not. That you call … Learning. (That’s why neurologists are saying, children should not be forced to consciously learn till the age of six)

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Learning is not reading alphabets, words or sentences ; learning is the process of thinking. ( I will talk about this later, this is not time for that)

So my learning started sixty years ago. From that time to now, what I have learned is what I know. What I don’t know, I am trying to know what it is.

Every creative mind works in this way. Mine is not different.

How to learn what we don’t know? Is there any right approach for learning? Are many approaches?

” Sir… You are teaching everything to us! In a few months we will also work well. Is it not a problem for your survival as a teacher? ” One of my student asked me this question.

Dear Reader… What do you think about her question? Is this not the question from a person who didn’t understand life and who sees life like a frog in the well? A frog who lives in the well could only see as much of the sky as the opening of the well. How can it know of the broad expanse of the sky ?

To know about the infinite sky we should be in open space. Like that, to learn new knowledge, we should share with others what we know.

So here I am doing that.

On art and creativity, whatever I have learned till this day, by sharing it with others, I will learn more about it. It’s a path of creativity.

Tail Piece : The open space will get new things ; The closed space won’t allow anything.

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