Most of the art students struggle a lot to choose a subject to paint…

Most of the art students struggle a lot to choose a 
subject to paint. Usually they think that if the 
subject is good, their painting will be beautiful.
It’s not true.

Countryside  Artist : Magunta Dayakar

If the subject is good, if their painting skills also will match with it, then definitely results will be good. But if their painting skills are not good enough, however good the subject is, it won’t save their work. Results will be disastrous.

Here I am giving one of my paintings ‘Countryside’ as an example.
Very ordinary subject.
A peasant standing under the trees in the countryside, looking at something which is not in picture space. Light is coming from behind the trees. I have structured this painting using the tools of Composition.

If you have good understanding about the elements of art, if you know how to play them with the principles of composition then your painting will be good whatever your subject is.

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