” Your paintings are masterpieces. One day you will 
get recognition. See, sometimes artists will get their 
success at the end of their lives or after their death ’’
 he said to me sympathetically.

” Do you call it success? ” I asked him.

Waterscape    Artist:Magunta Dayakar

(Excerpt from my book … ‘Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist’)

I don’t know….

Some one asked me…” You are an artist. Do you love nature very much? ”
”I don’t know”

He paused for one moment, then asked me…” Do you love money? ”
”I don’t know”

”Do you love beautiful ladies? ”
This time I paused for one moment and replied ” I don’t know”

”Do you love your paintings?”
 ”I don’t know”

Nature  Artist:Magunta Dayakar

After that he asked me with a slight irritation in his tone ” Then what do you love in life? ”
”Happiness” I replied without hesitation.

(Excerpt from my book … ‘Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist’)

You know … that boy is my son’s friend !

‘You know … that boy is my son’s friend.’ I heard this from many parents.

Usually children would join in schools from different backgrounds. Some children might be from celebrity families, some might be from rich families, some might be from political or official’s families. It’s quite common.

One fine day your son came back from school and told you with a little bit of excitement,  ” … you know dad, my friend is so and so’s son.”

Lightscape  Artist:Magunta Dayakar

By listening to that, usually you would also be excited. Then you begin to say to your friends and relatives ” You know ‘ So and So ‘ is my son’s friend.

Repeatedly hearing it from you, your son starts to think , having a friendship with ‘ so and so ‘ is something significant in his life. Then the child concentrates on putting more efforts on strengthening his friendship with ‘ so and so.’

Imagine ! What would happen next? Instead of concentrating on his studies the child’s attention is diverted to other things.

Results … the child loses his individuality.

What is individuality? It’s the character of the person that makes him distinctive from others of the same kind.

So, my dear parents, don’t do this mistake. This mistake costs your child’s future. From Einstein to Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla to Stephen Hawking … all are great individuals.

That is the importance of individuality.

Don’t you want your child to be also like them? Then stop saying ‘ You know … that boy is my son’s friend.’

Tail Piece: Of course … If you don’t want your child to be creative, you are free to say … ” that boy is my son’s friend.”

(Excerpt from my book … ‘How to kill your children’s creative desire in 13 wonderful ways?’)

I enjoy it like a game (From The Painter’s Heart)

Whenever I start to paint my imaginary landscapes, I feel that I am playing chess with a grand master who has never been defeated. That grand master is no one … it’s my canvas. Every moment I use all my visual imagination skills to win over that. I use composition as my weapon along with my visual imagination.

Landscape  Artist: Magunta Dayakar

With lots of moves and counter moves I will win the game in the end.

Balance, counter balance, repetition, variety, pattern, rhythm, spatial depth, contrast, centre of interest, line, movement, size, shape, proportion, space, texture, color and many more divisions of army of composition will play their roles through out the game whenever their presence is needed.

I know without this army of composition I will become helpless like a king without a kingdom. So I give royal treatment to all, whether they are small or big. I know by experience sometimes even an ordinary soldier can also change the game.

So by knowing all these strategies, evolving every moment with visual imagination I enjoy it like a game.

Yes. The king who has strength will enjoy the rule of kingdom. Of course he also has to know his boundaries. If he doesn’t know his boundaries sometimes it may lead to him losing his kingdom also. History has proven this fact.

Tail Piece: Doing painting is not just hard work ; It’s a game of creativity. The one who paints a picture must know when he should stop. Otherwise he will lose the painting like a king who oversteps his boundaries and loses the war.

No Glamour lies in Death (From The Painter’s Heart)

An exhibition was going on. Many artists attended the show in the gallery, as usual.

”I love to die as an artist, even if I have to starve till my last minute’’ One of the artists declared emotionally.

”Death is death, whatever way you die or whoever you are. No glamour lies in death.’’ Someone whispered in my ear.

Mother and Son  Artist:Magunta Dayakar

       (Excerpt from my book … ‘Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist’)

Does intuition work all the time? (From The Painter’s Heart)

He is an artist. I know him well. Very hard working. Having a lot of passion for art. A simple human being. Never bothered about luxuries.

The only problem with him is he didn’t learn language of art and he is not interested to learn it either.

Because he believes in Intuition. ‘With intuition you could do anything. ‘That’s what he believes.

Sometimes his paintings come well. Sometimes not.

He would give reason for that.

He says, ” Art is like that. Sometimes our intuition may not be in our favour. ”

Nature’s Melody   Artist:Magunta Dayakar

I tried a few times to change his notion about intuition and the language of art.

I tried to tell him, ”Intuition will come to us from our experiences of life. By learning we know the language of art. You have got an intuition from your experiences of life. You didn’t learn language of art. That’s why you don’t know it. Because of that sometimes you are not getting your paintings well. And you don’t know reason for your failure also. ”

He became angry at my words. But he controlled it with some effort and said, ” I don’t believe all this nonsense. Artist doesn’t need to bother about language of art. Intuition is enough. ”

I didn’t argue with him. Just I became silent. Usually I won’t try to convince anybody with my opinions. Because he is my friend, that’s why I tried to make him to understand certain things. But it was futile.

Tail piece: If you are an artist you should know the reasons for your failures. If you are unable to know the reasons you won’t have consistency in your work. When you are inconsistent, you are not a professional. If you are not a professional you won’t survive financially. If you don’t bother about earning money for livelihood, it’s up to you. It’s your life.

(Excerpt from my book … ‘Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist’)

By the time the artist realizes this truth …(From The Painter’s Heart)

He is an artist. He does paintings regularly. To him it’s passion. For livelihood, he used to paint sign boards for shops and offices. He is living with some happiness, because he is getting some money for his day to day needs from sign boards and he is doing paintings which he likes very much.

One day someone told him that if he exhibits his paintings in some gallery, he will get some name, then he could sell his paintings to wealthy clients. He would be able earn some good money that way.

He felt it was a good idea.

So he prepared thirty paintings for the exhibition and framed them. It costed him a lot. He didn’t have that much money. So he borrowed the money at interest.

A Small Pond  Artist:Magunta Dayakar

After that he approached the galleries which have some name.

Every gallery rejected him. They said they exhibit only artists who have fine art degrees and awards.

This artist didn’t have any of them. He didn’t study in college. He is self taught. He went to many galleries. His attempts became fruitless.

Finally one gallery accepted his show, with one condition, that he has to pay the rent. He accepted without thinking because he was so excited about exhibiting his works. He thought that he could sell few paintings in his show, with that money he would pay the rent. He spent some money on invitations and snacks for inaugural day. He borrowed money for that also.

Finally the day arrived.

Invitees came. Some newspapers, one or two TV channel reporters also attended. Everybody praised his talent and the uniqueness of his work. Next day, one or two newspapers and channels published and telecast his work.

He was on cloud nine.

The exhibition was over after five days.

Nobody bought his paintings, not even a single one.

To take the paintings out of the gallery he had to pay the rent, but had no money to clear it.

Gallery owner told him curtly that he could take out his paintings only after paying the rent.

He didn’t know what to do. After few hours, he came to the realization, that he has to borrow some more money to pay the rent to the gallery.

He borrowed money and took his paintings home.

After few days, he came out of that shock, then slowly started to think …

‘He paid money for invitations.’

‘He paid for snacks. ‘

‘He paid for canvas boards and colors. ‘

‘He paid for frames and he paid gallery rent also.’

At the end everybody got their money except him! Is this the actual reality? If it is … why other artists are not speaking about it? Why they didn’t warn new entrants like him? Why there’s not much talk about artist’s struggle for survival? That too for minimum basic needs?

Tail piece: Yes. There is so much talk in the history about artists’ struggle for survival. But the problem is, history is talking only about great masters. That means they are successful people to us. Even though they felt pain, starvation, ill health in their life time, in the end they became successful, some maybe after their death. But to an art student who enters into art field, it looks glamorous. Because he is reading about world’s greatest artists.

To an art student, starvation is not a big deal, to attain that status. But after a few years, he would realize that starvation is not a glamorous thing. This world has only a few great masters.

By the time the artist realizes this truth, it would be too late for him …

(Excerpt from my book … ‘Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist’)

It is …(From The Painter’s Heart)

Nature  Artist:Magunta Dayakar

He is an artist. I know him.
One day he called me and said that he is going to hold an exhibition in a popular gallery.

I congratulated him.

After two days the news came out in a daily paper about his exhibition.

I read the news.

The chief delivered a good speech about how art has to be respected, encouraged. In that news column few celebrities photos were there. The chief guest who inaugurated the exhibition, his photo was there. One of the artist’s paintings also appeared in the background. But artist photo did not appear in that news.

I thought, ‘ The one who exhibited his works is not important, It is … who attended! ‘

(Excerpt from my book … ‘Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist’)

Understanding … (From the painter’s Heart)

Picture View  Artist:Magunta Dayakar

Someone asked me..” Why you are teaching painting
 is such a serious way? ”

I told him…” It’s understanding the beauty of life. ”

”Beauty of life ! … I don’t understand. ” he said

”Beauty of life means understanding God…” I told


”What is the connection between God and painting?

 I don’t understand…’’ he was bewildered

”God is in you. I am making the students to

 understand themselves. Understanding themselves
 means understanding the God. That is ultimate
  beauty of the life.”

” Now I understood.” he said.

(Excerpt from my book … ‘Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist’)

Than becoming a great artist …(From The Painter’s Heart)

Forest Light Artist:Magunta Dayakar

 ”I will devote my life to paintings. One day I will become a great artist. ’’ he said with confidence.
  ” Once you become a great artist…what you will do after that? ” I asked him.
  ” I will earn lots of money by selling my paintings. ”
  ” After that….? ”
  He became confused.
  Again I asked him…”  You can sell your paintings, if you are known as a great artist. So it is the money you can earn by becoming a great artist.” I paused for one moment then I asked him
   ” …why don’t you try to earn money instead of becoming a great artist to earn money. I think earning money is easier than becoming a great artist…..’’
(Excerpt from my book..’ Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist)