I enjoy it like a game (From The Painter’s Heart)

Whenever I start to paint my imaginary landscapes, I feel that I am playing chess with a grand master who has never been defeated. That grand master is no one … it’s my canvas. Every moment I use all my visual imagination skills to win over that. I use composition as my weapon along with my visual imagination.

Landscape  Artist: Magunta Dayakar

With lots of moves and counter moves I will win the game in the end.

Balance, counter balance, repetition, variety, pattern, rhythm, spatial depth, contrast, centre of interest, line, movement, size, shape, proportion, space, texture, color and many more divisions of army of composition will play their roles through out the game whenever their presence is needed.

I know without this army of composition I will become helpless like a king without a kingdom. So I give royal treatment to all, whether they are small or big. I know by experience sometimes even an ordinary soldier can also change the game.

So by knowing all these strategies, evolving every moment with visual imagination I enjoy it like a game.

Yes. The king who has strength will enjoy the rule of kingdom. Of course he also has to know his boundaries. If he doesn’t know his boundaries sometimes it may lead to him losing his kingdom also. History has proven this fact.

Tail Piece: Doing painting is not just hard work ; It’s a game of creativity. The one who paints a picture must know when he should stop. Otherwise he will lose the painting like a king who oversteps his boundaries and loses the war.

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