Than becoming a great artist …(From The Painter’s Heart)

Forest Light Artist:Magunta Dayakar

 ”I will devote my life to paintings. One day I will become a great artist. ’’ he said with confidence.
  ” Once you become a great artist…what you will do after that? ” I asked him.
  ” I will earn lots of money by selling my paintings. ”
  ” After that….? ”
  He became confused.
  Again I asked him…”  You can sell your paintings, if you are known as a great artist. So it is the money you can earn by becoming a great artist.” I paused for one moment then I asked him
   ” …why don’t you try to earn money instead of becoming a great artist to earn money. I think earning money is easier than becoming a great artist…..’’
(Excerpt from my book..’ Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist)

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