You know … that boy is my son’s friend !

‘You know … that boy is my son’s friend.’ I heard this from many parents.

Usually children would join in schools from different backgrounds. Some children might be from celebrity families, some might be from rich families, some might be from political or official’s families. It’s quite common.

One fine day your son came back from school and told you with a little bit of excitement,  ” … you know dad, my friend is so and so’s son.”

Lightscape  Artist:Magunta Dayakar

By listening to that, usually you would also be excited. Then you begin to say to your friends and relatives ” You know ‘ So and So ‘ is my son’s friend.

Repeatedly hearing it from you, your son starts to think , having a friendship with ‘ so and so ‘ is something significant in his life. Then the child concentrates on putting more efforts on strengthening his friendship with ‘ so and so.’

Imagine ! What would happen next? Instead of concentrating on his studies the child’s attention is diverted to other things.

Results … the child loses his individuality.

What is individuality? It’s the character of the person that makes him distinctive from others of the same kind.

So, my dear parents, don’t do this mistake. This mistake costs your child’s future. From Einstein to Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla to Stephen Hawking … all are great individuals.

That is the importance of individuality.

Don’t you want your child to be also like them? Then stop saying ‘ You know … that boy is my son’s friend.’

Tail Piece: Of course … If you don’t want your child to be creative, you are free to say … ” that boy is my son’s friend.”

(Excerpt from my book … ‘How to kill your children’s creative desire in 13 wonderful ways?’)

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