Composition Note 1 – 200 Composition Notes in 300 Days – Understanding Composition and Design

(Studying Composition means Learning Painting. There are no other ways to learn painting than this approach. I am planning to post 200 composition notes in the next 300 days)

Understanding Composition and Design is very difficult if you try to study it in academic way. In surface level it appears it’s just few elements of art and some principles of composition. But grasping their relations and applications requires more than academic approach.

What is that approach?

Reading as many books about it, keeping those principles and elements in mind when you are working and analysing the outcome continuously … This is the way you are able to understand its essence.

Here the key lies to understand it. Don’t try to memorise those list of elements and principles and their definitions. Instead of that try to understand the essence of it.

Once you understand the essence of it, it will become a second skin of you. Then you are able to apply composition with intuition. That is spontaneity.

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