I am revealing a great secret to creating a successful painting and why they are priceless.

Landscape  Artist : Magunta Dayakar

Every painting is a struggle, however experienced the artist maybe. Success comes rarely, most of the times it is dissatisfaction. Don’t call it a failure … it is dissatisfaction. That’s why whenever I started a painting I won’t think about how to finish it, just I will sail with it. New shapes will emerge, sometime after they will disappear, again some new shapes emerge … this play will go on …. In this process many images will appear, disappear on canvas, finally in a wonderful moment the canvas will come alive with life. It’s like the moment a baby comes out of mother’s womb. That is the moment I experience eternal joy. That is the moment which boosts confidence in my artistic skills.

This is the secret of creating a successful painting. Out of that great eternal struggle, when artist feels satisfaction … that moment is priceless. So that painting is also priceless. Whether it is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers, they come out of the same process and become priceless.

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