These rules are part of the language of art

Someone asked me ”You are writing so much about rules! Will you follow those rules when you are working a painting? ”

” Not at all. .. ” I paused for a moment and replied to him ” I never followed them, they follow me.”
He looked at me in confusion as if he didn’t understand what I am saying.
I said to him ” When you have understood them, they will become part of you. Then whatever you work, they will respond to your need.”
Artist:Magunta Dayakar
Every artist must understand these rules. These rules are part of the language of art. How the rules act and interact in different situations, all these make up the intricacies of art. To explain those intricacies I am writing 50 Part Kindle Book Series
Initial release of – Part 1 to Part 5 kindle books of this series will be available on Amazon from 15 July 2017.
Each Part of Kindle Book Price : 5 Dollars or Rs 325/- (Approximately)

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