Magunta Dayakar’s interview with Magunta Dayakar … On Art

Who is an Artist?

One who never stops to learn. Continuous Learning means being Creative. Art is Creative.

What is art?

The ultimate outcome of an artist’s understanding of life.

An artist has to achieve perfection in art?

Trying to know what is perfection is art.

How it can be achieved?

Through learning language of art along with intuition.

What is Intuition?

Your experiences about life.

What is language of art?

Every language has a grammar. Art also has its own grammar. That grammar is sketch, value, color and composition. By combining intuition and language of art, artist’s work will become expressive.

What about abstract art? Is it also expressive?

It’s confusion more than expression.

Are you saying abstract paintings are not expressive?

Art means communication. When Abstract art remains non communicative, how do you call it expressive?

Why do you say abstract art is not communicative?

Ask anyone on the street about Abstract paintings, they will look at you in confusion. For example, when a landscape artist paints sky in his painting everyone will respond to it, because they know it. It appears like sky which they are seeing everyday. An abstract painter puts some color on canvas which he feels will represent sky. But it’s not appearing as sky to the viewer. To him it’s only some paint. So he will get confused.

Do you mean art has to be at a level, where it can be understood even by ordinary people ?

Everyone’s senses respond the same way to pain and pleasure, whether it is an ordinary man on the road or a man living in a palace. If common man cannot make sense of an abstract painting, it is not different for anyone else.

Do you mean art has to touch our senses?

Otherwise what is the purpose of art?

Does art have a purpose?

Yes. It should make us happy. Being Happy means being an Artist. That’s why everyone likes some form of art, whether it is music, a gripping drama or an inspiring painting. Everyone wants to practice a little bit of this and that art form.

So you are saying … art is essential to make us happy ?

Yes. Art means creativity. Creativity means continuous learning. One who learns continuously will know the essence of life. Knowing the essence of life means knowing your inner self. Knowing your inner self means you have understood the purpose of life.

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