How beautiful it would be if you know ….

It’s only one line where I am trying to find the beauty of life and where it lies. Beauty and problem

lie side by side. If you remove the problem then beauty only exists. Few human beings who try to

live always creatively , sometimes suffer from emptiness. The reason… they want to do so much in

a very short time.

Its like to trying to finish painting quickly or any creative work. When an artist tries to finish his painting as quickly as possible what’s going to happen? The very first thing, he won’t enjoy his work and next, his mind feels pressure which leads to loss of interest in his work. Results … he will try to find some other ways to survive, that means change of profession.

All of this happens due to trying to achieve things quickly. Then beauty of life is lost; depression or problem remains.

I am feeling the same. I have been trying to do so much as if this moment would be the last one of my life. Results … it’s pushing me towards emptiness as if all of my knowledge is abruptly non existent.

Many times in my past it had happened to me. But in those times I had not tried to find the reasons. Now, maybe because of age, when the mind and heart are searching for calm and peaceful state, when they are not happening, then I may be struggling to find the reason for the emptiness.

When I am typing these letters, words and sentences suddenly a thought flashed in me out of the blue. I have understood its message. ‘ Let the body jump into deep seas but keep your mind alert on how to survive there.’

Experiencing this great insight, I have come out of my emptiness with lightning speed. Then after a few seconds, I have started to think…’ If I had known this truth in my younger days…my life would have been more beautiful.’

But nothing is too late ; from now on I will make my life beautiful.’

Tail Piece: We may have so much knowledge and skills. But if we try to use them all at once, we will be in confusion. Confusion leads to loss of self confidence. Then you will enter into emptiness, that means the beauty of life is lost. So what we should do is we must know our limits however knowledgeable we are. After-all we are humans. We have certain energy limits which should not be exhausted.

We should think – We should plan – We should implement it at one step at a time, with calm and cool mind.

We are here to experience the beauty of life instead of making it empty. Each and every act of us should lead us to this beautiful state.