Many people are asking me … what is the language of art?

Many people are asking me …’ what is the language of art?’

It’s not possible for me to answer everyone individually. Here I am explaining about it.

‘Every subject has its own language. For example if you want to learn English, you should start with alphabets, words, sentences, grammar and like that. Once you study these things well, then you are able to structure a sentence to communicate whatever you want to say. Making sentences into a paragraph, from paragraphs to pages, to write you need a lot of practice and a lot of reading. After that writing making it readable is the next step. The one who makes his writing readable will become a popular writer, his writing would be called as popular writing. Example … Popular Novels or Fiction.

Art also has its own language … Line, Shape, Space, Form, Value , Color, Composition and many more are there in the language of art. If someone wants to become a professional artist, they must study these things at least to a certain extent. These same things apply in all visual art related fields.

I have written an article on my blog, titled as ‘ Does every artist and art student have to learn the language of art? ‘ Read it to get some understanding.

It’s impossible to explain about the language of art in a few articles. It goes on with more intricacies about it. I would like to write about it as long as possible. It’s also a learning for me. I am not thinking that I am helping others by writing about it. It’s helping myself. I am learning more by writing about it.

Whatever I am writing through “From The Painter’s Heart’ and ‘ Painting Secrets Columns’ is about the language of art and creative thinking.

Read these columns, slowly with time you will be able to understand it. That is the way I learned, the same I am suggesting to anyone who wants to learn.

Tail Piece

I read John Carlson’s “Guide To Landscape Painting” 20 years ago. When I read it I didn’t understand much even though I was a professional writer and had a habit of reading a lot of books. After repeated reading I had started to understand it.

Later I read twentieth century prominent American plein air painter Paul Strisik words about Carlson’s book …

” I read Carlson’s book hundred times, then only I have understood it.” This is what he said.

Understanding the language of art is not difficult but it requires continuous effort and analytical thinking.