This Is The Way Artists Have To Live

Most of the people have a tendency, that whenever they see a painting, it does not matter who painted it they will praise it …” It’s good.”

It is their good heartedness towards painters. But it is creating a big problem for artist’s growth. Most of the artists believe what people are saying is true. What will happen then? They will lose their burning urge to learn. They try to stick to the same work for which people are praising them.

To most of the artists it will happen. Results … Artists are losing their artistic growth. They remained mediocre.

What is the solution for this?

Be a judge of your own work. This judgement will come with critical analysis. This critical analysis comes with continuous learning.

If you don’t know what you have to learn, your efforts will be wasted in the name of learning. First put an effort to know what you have to learn. Knowing what to learn is the first crucial step for any learner. Here many people go on the wrong path. Remember … Your path should be right to reach the destination.

Don’t interact with people for their opinions on your work. They say their opinions. Most of the times they won’t be right. Opinions and facts are usually different. Forget about their existence when it is connected to your work. Try to live, as if though nothing is existing In this world … except You, Your work and Your learning.

If you don’t have money to survive, think of it. No one will survive for long without money. That is the truth, just like how sun rises in the east. Your survival, your art both are different, don’t connect them with each other.

You are doing painting for your joy. Society does not need to pay for your joy. Don’t blame the society because they didn’t buy your work. They didn’t ask you to learn art. You choose it. But society needs art also like other things. You have to rise to that level where it needs you.

How it will happen? Try to know your self. Your strengths, your weaknesses … understand them. Develop your strength continuously, kill your weaknesses mercilessly. This is the way painting has to be structured, this is the way artists have to live, not only artists, every creative person has to live… only this way.