My New Book – How To Finish A Painting ?


My first book is ‘How To Start A Painting And How To Plan It?’, It focuses on the importance of planning a painting with Value, Color and Composition. This is the follow-on book. Although this book is self-contained, I suggest whoever is reading this book to read the first book first, they will find more use by reading the two books together.
In each book, I would like to limit the content only to one or two key points about the painting. If I try to explain more, students will not be able to absorb them. Then it won’t be of any use, neither for me writing on it nor for the student. This book is also restricted to a few issues like mixing skin tones for middle tone, light tone and dark tones, painting approaches for eyes, mouth, nose and other parts of the face and to ‘what is required to give a finishing feel to a painting?
Important thing is … This is not a step by step book which shows illustrations of few steps of doing a painting. I don’t think they are much useful to learn. This book is not on how to paint, its about what one should know to do a successful painting.
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