Is Heart… the enemy of artist’s survival?


Today one man came to my studio. He said that he wants to see my lightscape paintings. He is a driver to one of our children who comes to my school to learn art.

After seeing for a few minutes, he felt the magic of the lightscape paintings. When he saw them from close distance, they looked completely abstract. From a distance they are appearing as if though nature is simply existing there.

He told me that my paintings are really wonderful. He said that he had seen these kind of scenes in his native place. He also said that, these paintings made him remember his childhood days in the village. Pure pleasure in his eyes.

With his words I became alive in my mind. My real abstract paintings gave a lot of joy to an ordinary person who is not having any knowledge in art. A small question arose in my mind. ” When a work of art moves an ordinary person, then why the same work is not moving gallery owners ”

Then again another question,’’Should the artist work to satisfy the gallery owners, who follow the trends usually? Or should he work to satisfy his artistic thirst?”

Finally another question “Is Heart… the enemy of artist survival? ’’