Self proclaimed artist



Recently I met one young woman just by an accident. Usually I would not meet many people because rarely I attend events. She told me that she had studied  ‘six weeks art appreciation course’ in London and is now writing reviews on artists’ work.

I listened and left.

Occasionally I read her reviews in news papers. She used some words repeatedly like … aesthetic sense, emotional side, expressiveness, color combinations in every review. In her reviews I never find words like … Line, Shape, Space, Form, Value, Pattern, Rhythm, Balance …!

I wondered what she had learned in art appreciation course in London.

Time was passing.

Again I heard about her.

She started an art gallery. In press releases, she had stated that she is trying to help upcoming artists.

I felt it is a nice thing.

But after few months I heard that artists who exhibited their paintings in her gallery were complaining that she is not paying money properly from their painting sales. Even then artists were going to her gallery to show their work. She was prospering year by year.

Suddenly I heard another interesting news.

That is … ‘ She, herself became a self proclaimed artist and is exhibiting her solo show in her gallery.’