Some notes on Pattern and Texture

V T Mumbai

  A small or large unit of shape or color repetition is Pattern. We can see these patterns on Architectural buildings, Persian Carpets, Decorative ornaments and temple structures. 

  When we do our art work understanding these patterns and using them in a right manner will help us to create powerful visuals. Vincent Van Gogh used these patterns combined with implied textures very powerfully in his paintings.


  What is ‘Implied Texture’ ? 

  There are two kinds of Textures. Tactile and Implied.

  Tactile is the actual texture which is existing physically. Implied texture is what we are creating in our work. The roughness of the tree trunk is tactile texture. The rough surface of the carpet and the smooth surface of an orange are tactile textures. Some are rough and some are soft. We feel them not only by sight but also with touch…

  When it comes to painting we only feel them by sight not by touch. Artists create that illusion of textural feeling through Implied approach.

  Textures are very important to create visual sensations. They will tell us the nature of objects. To capture the illusion of depth on picture plane they play a vital role.