The Framer


  Many artists are living in that area. They do paintings everyday. Framing the paintings is always a problem to them.

One day a person opened a small frame shop in that area. Every artist enjoyed having that shop close to them. They used to go to that shop to frame their pictures. The framer was also giving concessions to them. Within no time the framer became very much busy. Slowly frames began to cost more.

Now artists are not in a position to frame their paintings in that shop. Some times they have to

part with more money with the framer than what they are getting for their work. But they have no

option. They had become used to his frames. They began to believe that, without those frames

their paintings won’t look good.

Few years passed.

The framer constructed a decent house.

The framer invited all the artists when he was entering into his new house.

Everybody went there. They congratulated him for building such a beautiful house. Now the

framer hired another four assistants to help him in his business. And he is planning to start another

shop in another city.

But all those artists are still living in their old one room apartments. They are doing the same paintings. No assistants. They used to say, ” Creativity is personal ‘’

He is always telling to the artists who ever comes to him for framing, ” Artist is a God to me.’’