One day she came to me.

She said that she loves art very much, she wants to be an artist, for that she is willing to give even her life. She looked very emotional.

I didn’t say anything, just smiled. I have been seeing throughout my life many students like these.

She was enrolled in my art classes.

Few months passed.

She has been doing painting well, but it’s only a beginning. She is good at sketching and reproducing great master’s paintings. It’s a good beginning for an art student. She has to travel a long journey from there.

Suddenly she stopped coming to classes. I don’t have the habit of calling students to know the reason for their absence.

Two months passed.

She didn’t turn up. I forgot about her. For me it’s a common thing. Sometimes they would not come to classes for a few months also. Suddenly they would appear in the class. I never asked reasons for their absence.

Another three months passed. Then one day I heard that she started art classes in her house. Her house is very huge, of course she is very rich.

She used to say to the people, ”I have mastered the art. I could teach anything in art. ”

Tail piece: To master the art or any subject what a person needs is not just money or desire, it requires something more than that, you have to have the urge and vitality of a volcano.