When they are doing that, why not you?


  One day two old women came to me. Both were in their early sixties.

  They told me that they want to learn painting.

  I told them ” it’s O.K. But you shouldn’t start painting directly, first learn drawing. ”

  They were surprised and one of them asked me, ” Why don’t we start painting directly? ”

  I told her, ” Without learning drawing, you could not paint.

  ” Why? ” she asked me with a confused voice.

  ”Painting is an act. You are doing painting means, you are painting something. That something might be an object like a bowl, or it’s a fruit or a figure. To paint these, you have to understand their structures. That means their shapes, dimensions, edges, textures, values … all those things you must know. Without understanding them, what are you going to paint? ” I took one second and continued again ” … learning drawing means learning to see the world as an artist. This is called as ‘ Artist’s way of seeing ‘. It is called as … Drawing. Now, I hope you understood why you have to learn drawing before entering into painting.”

  Few moments of silence between us.

  After that she broke that silence by asking me a question. ” Till this day we went to at least ten schools to learn painting. Everywhere they readily accepted to start teaching painting directly. When they are doing that, why not you? ”

  I told her calmly, ” Because I Truly want to teach you painting. ”