Creative instinct survives only in that way – From The Painter’s Heart

There is a wrong notion in many of the art students and art lovers that realistic artists are able to paint only realistic paintings, Abstract artists will be able to work only abstract paintings …                  J. Boyi Reddy             Artist: Magunta Dayakar                  Similar notions are that oil painters are capable of working only in

Visual Imagination…what is it?

Every artist however skilled he is, always gets doubts on Composition and Design at least once in a while, if not every day. The nature of the subject is like that. If it’s easy to understand, we won’t be talking about it.  Boats                        Artist : Magunta Dayakar One of my students asked me….   ” Sir. You are saying Composition is

Many people are asking me …’ what is the language of art?’ – From The Painter’s Heart Column

Many people are asking me …’ what is the language of art?’ It’s not possible for me to answer everyone individually. Here I am explaining about it. ‘Every subject has its own language. For example if you want to learn English, you should start with alphabets, words, sentences, grammar and like that. Once you study these things