From Imagination (From The Painter’s Heart)

I Paint all landscapes from Imagination. I am not interested in working from nature or from photographs. I feel both of them restrict my freedom to interpret nature. I always enjoy creating nature from my imagination.

A Piece of Land in the Forest       Artist:Magunta Dayakar

 I will start painting with value plan, from that value plan I try to see the shapes which will tell some story about their structure. Then I will start to develop those structures and make them interrelated. When they start to evolve that way I feel I will get more insight. This insight will guide me to evolve more to understand the abstract beauty of nature.

This new painting is done by me from Imagination.

Many say ..’Working from life is powerful; no other approach is equal to it.’ …Is this true? (From the Painter’s Heart)

Some artists paint from life, some others work from photographs and some paint from imagination.

Which is the best approach among these, to create life in paintings? Or all these approaches equally good ?

Landscape                    Artist:Magunta Dayakar
This is really a big issue for so many art students and artists all over the world. Many say ..’working from life is powerful; no other approach is equal to it. …Is this true? 

Many artists who work from Photographs, they won’t talk much about the photographs from which they worked. What is the reason for this? Do they feel working from photographs is inferior compared to working from life? Is this opinion true? Or is it a misconceived notion?

And, working from imagination …what about this? What does an artist need to work from imagination?

Truths, myths, illusions, misinterpreted perceptions and many more… pushing everyone from art students to professional artists into a lot of confusion. Which one of these is right? Or all the three approaches are right?

To find an answer for this most confusing question, I am trying to explore the whole issue to get an answer which should be very close to the truth. Searching for the invisible truth is the only path way to live as an artist.

I will publish this article in coming weeks.