About Artist


Magunta Dayakar was born in 1951 in Inamadugu Village, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

After discontinuing his studies in graduation, he did different things in different periods. He had become a popular fiction writer in his native language Telugu, credited with thirty five novels. He had worked as an editor and also published a feature magazine for a brief period. He scripted, acted and directed two feature films. He worked for Spectra and Coca Cola India as an artist. He ran Creative Painting School for children in Hyderabad for nearly 15 years.

He believes artist must be able to do all kind of subjects from Still life to Portraits, different styles like Abstract to Realistic Painting rather than limiting themselves to one or two subjects and styles, he strongly feels that is the only way any artist will be alive in his journey to understand the Science of Painting.

Now, most of the time he is working on writing books on painting to bring awareness about the Science of Painting. He defines science of painting as …”Just like there are Elements in Nature, there are a few elements in Art also. These elements can be played with using principles(tools) of Composition. Whatever art form you may work with, this knowledge is a must. If not, your work looks like a work of craft rather than a work of art.”

Dayakar lives in Hyderabad and is spending all his time with Reading, Writing and doing Paintings. He is not interested in mixing with people, likes only to live with his work other than his family and a few friends.

He says…” Even thousand years is not enough to master the art, so it is meaningless to waste my time with other things. I am not having that luxury. I am destined to understand Art.”

He strongly believes what he says and been living that way.