Doing Painting is a Mind Game, where your wisdom is your opponent

How is this painting? I have done this to enjoy the fun of doing painting. Yes. Doing painting is fun, if you have understood the language of art. Painting is fun if we know what we are doing and what we have to do. What I have realized while doing painting is, its a mind game.

When I wrote fiction I used to visualize my fictitious world, the people in it, their interactions, their movements, consequences, how the characters, incidents evolve and move towards climax, in between so many ambiguities, anxieties, uncertainties, frustrations and depressions; everything leads to climax. Once the climax will be over there is a terrific relaxation, elation, finally fun.

The entire process I call it a mind game. I believe this mind game happens in every creative act whether it is writing, painting, music, dance, acting … The same way when I start painting, I have a rough idea in my mind of what I want to see on the canvas, my brush moves on canvas to give clarity for that rough image, then … shapes will form, light illuminates them, colors interact within them as bright and dull tones, relations will be established as values, temperature will be analysed with each and every plane, balance can be observed, variety, repetition, contrast will be adjusted, edges will be blurred, softened, sharpened … every brush stroke should interact with the whole canvas, finally ending with checking movement, harmony and unity. That’s the painting.

Simply it’s a mind game. It’s easy to conquer the enemy who is existing outside rather than the one who is in your inside. Here the enemy is your urge to paint well. To satisfy that urge you should acquire the tools of language of art. With the help of those tools along with your intuition you will be able to win the mind game.

These tools are ….

in primary layer

Sketch, Value, Color, Composition

in Secondary Layer

Size, Shape, Space, Perspective, Edges, Texture

in Third Layer

Focal Point, Balance, Variety, Contrast, Repetition

in Fourth Layer

Harmony, Movement and Unity.

Every art student has to understand these. After studying the essence of these, start putting them in application. It will take few years to achieve reasonable control on them. But its worth it.

Painting is not just about doing paintings to feel the pride of being an artist. To become a true artist, every art student must understand these tools, at least their essence. Then only you know the feel of finishing a painting. That moment you will able to win the mind game where your wisdom is your opponent.