Struggle and Pain

  A crucial chapter in any artist’s life.  Artist has to feed his mind always with new knowledge. At the same time he has to feed his stomach also. If he has a family , their needs will also have to be taken care of. For all this money is needed. Here many of the

Process of Learning

  Do you remember when you started to draw? I think it is a little bit difficult to remember when we started to draw. Some day we began to scribble some pictures on paper. Usually those pictures might not be clear. But that day, really it would not matter to us. Just we love them.

It would be too late

He is an artist. He does paintings regularly. To him it’s passion. For livelihood, he used to paint sign boards for shops and offices. He is living with some happiness, because he is getting some money for his day to day needs from sign boards and he is doing paintings which he likes very much.

It’s your life

  Does intuition work all the time? He is an artist. I know him well. Very hard working. Having a lot of passion for art. A simple human being. Never bothered about luxuries. The only problem with him is he didn’t learn language of art and he is not interested to learn it either. Because


One day she came to me. She said that she loves art very much, she wants to be an artist, for that she is willing to give even her life. She looked very emotional. I didn’t say anything, just smiled. I have been seeing throughout my life many students like these. She was enrolled in

Is better than you ?

He is an upcoming artist. He is doing paintings well. His work has been appreciated by many people. One day a client called him to commission a portrait. He went to their house with excitement and a little bit of tension. He knows getting a commission for portrait means definite money. At the same time

Very good at Art

” You are very good at art. ” Someone told him in his childhood. ” You are a born artist. ” His drawing teacher said. ” What a great artist he is! ” His friends praised him. ” God gives that gift only to a few. He is one of those few fortunate people. ”