It’s your life


Does intuition work all the time?

He is an artist. I know him well. Very hard working. Having a lot of passion for art. A simple human being. Never bothered about luxuries.

The only problem with him is he didn’t learn language of art and he is not interested to learn it either.

Because he believes in Intuition. ‘With intuition you could do anything. ‘That’s what he believes.

Sometimes his paintings come well. Sometimes not.

He would give reason for that.

He says, ” Art is like that. Sometimes our intuition may not be in our favour. ”

I tried a few times to change his notion about intuition and the language of art.

I tried to tell him, ”Intuition will come to us from our experiences of life. By learning we know the language of art. You have got an intuition from your experiences of life. You didn’t learn language of art. That’s why you don’t know it. Because of that sometimes you are not getting your paintings well. And you don’t know reason for your failure also. ”

He became angry at my words. But he controlled it with some effort and said, ” I don’t believe all this nonsense. Artist doesn’t need to bother about language of art. Intuition is enough. ”

I didn’t argue with him. Just I became silent. Usually I won’t try to convince anybody with my opinions. Because he is my friend, that’s why I tried to make him to understand certain things. But it was futile.

Tail piece: If you are an artist you should know the reasons for your failures. If you are unable to know the reasons you won’t have consistency in your work. When you are inconsistent, you are not a professional. If you are not a professional you won’t survive financially. If you don’t bother about earning money for livelihood, it’s up to you. It’s your life.