Questions on Color

In Calcutta

  Color comes out of Light. We see light through Colors. To paint, to design Interiors, to illustrate Fashion design, to create Animation world, to do anything with Color ,we should understand Color and its theory, its interactions, its Contrast… everything about it.

Why Red is more intense besides Green?

Why Yellow is more appealing adjacent to Violet?

What is Hue? What is Value ? What is Saturation ? Or Chroma ? Or Intensity ?

Why Simultaneous Contrast is more energetic in its applications? Is it the reason Vincent Vangogh used it in his Paintings?

What are Warm and Cool Colors? Is it true that ‘ Warm Colors advance and Cool Colors recede?’

What is the difference between the Color applications before and after 1850?

What are Additive and Subtractive colors?

How to keep your Colors fresh?

Why Colors will become muddy?

How to recognize Local Color?

How to get Color transition without changing it’s Value?

What is the Color of Shadow?