Very good at Art

India gate Delhi

” You are very good at art. ” Someone told him in his childhood.

” You are a born artist. ” His drawing teacher said.

” What a great artist he is! ” His friends praised him.

” God gives that gift only to a few. He is one of those few fortunate people. ” The chief guest, one who awarded a memento to him, commented.

” What is the point of this great talent, when it is not useful for survival? ” The artist’s wife commented.

‘… He painted, painted, painted continuously throughout his life even in starvation, ill health and humiliation.” Newspapers wrote a few lines on his death.

” What’s the point of doing paintings, when you don’t know how to sell them? ” One artist shouted angrily.

” Even though he was a good artist, his style is not contemporary. ‘‘, a critic commented.

” He didn’t have the right contacts.” One gallery owner stated.