Without questions answers won’t exist.


Every creative act start with questions. To understand any subject student has to get hundreds of questions. Without questions answers won’t exist. Once he got the questions he has to try to find the answers. This is the only way to master any subject. This is the pathway to become creative.

Some students might get the doubt, how can we question without knowing the subject? Creative people won’t get this kind of doubt. Learning is a continuous act. When students are continuously learning, they will get doubts. Then they have to try to find the answers for those doubts. Once they get the answers, again they will have to continue the learning. Again they will get doubts, questions. Then they have to find answers. Again they have to start learning … Again … This is a continuous process. This is the way creative people think. They always try to know something, which is not visible. Searching for something out of nothing. That is the character of creativity.

Every art student should have that character. This is the secret of every successful artist.