Are These Statements True?

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Sorry for not posting in ‘Painting Secrets Column ‘ this week.

After 3 years break, Again I am reopening my institute and studio in my old place where I conducted classes for 15 years.Due to that busy work i was not able to post my article here.
From next week it will be regular.
At the end of this month 65 years would have passed from my life. Last few months I thought about retirement.Spending time, with some reading, occasional painting, a little bit of writing on art and fiction.
But slowly I have realized my life should not be like that. The reason … When I was in forties I had reasonable knowledge which was sufficient to do my work well. After that, in the next 25 years I have acquired a lot of knowledge on the science of art. If I have to say in one line …’ I have understood the Art of Painting.’

After acquiring that much knowledge, taking retirement … I didn’t feel it’s the right thing to do. So I have come to the conclusion that I have to continue my work as if I was in my twenties and have to share my knowledge with whoever is interested to learn. This is going to be my remaining life.

Next week I am going to write an article about Color Relations.

”I like red color because it expresses excitement, energy, passion, strength, aggressiveness and danger …. ” One painter says.
”I use yellow to express joy, happiness, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine ” another painter comments.
” The artist used yellow, blue and red very powerfully. lot of energy and vigor flowing in painting ” one critic writes.

Are these statements true?

How truthful these statements are when we apply them in our work?

( Read this article next week in my blog.)

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