About The Language of Art

I would like to give one example in this post about 
the language of art.

Many laymen, art students, enthusiasts and some of the practising artists may have ambiguity on the importance of the language of art. The reason is most of the art students in our country achieve skills through years of hard practice. If those art students learn the language of art along with their hard practice, their skills would be different. Here my intention is … to make them aware of the language of art.

First if they know its existence, then they will try to learn it. In this internet age anything can be learned.

Composition   Artist: Magunta Dayakar

Here I am giving one of my paintings which I did in 2009. Size of the painting is 36×20 inches. I have completed this with in an hour in acrylics. Playing with Value and Composition is my subject in this painting.

Once an artist achieves understanding of the language of art, creating beauty is not difficult. This painting shows that.

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