Am I Successful Artist or A Failure Artist? You people have to tell…

Most of the people who knew me think I am a failure artist. They have few reasons to think that way. One … I didn’t sell my paintings in galleries. Second … I didn’t earn money even to survive at my present age in late sixties.

I also accept these two reasons. They are right from their perspective. Is it not a failure when an artist is not earning money like the people in other professions ?

Yes. In general sense it may be true. When earning money is the scale for success, definitely I am a failure in that aspect. But … the problem is I never thought about earning money, only I thought about how to achieve the painting skills of the great artists’ of the western world.

Rhythm of The Nature   Artist:Magunta Dayakar

Throughout my life I have been trying to achieve that goal. In that journey I never thought about earning money, if I thought that way I would have tried to convince galleries to sell my paintings from where the money comes. But I didn’t try hard.

The reason … earning money or fame is not my dream. My dream is to achieve those great artists’ painting skills which is really more difficult than earning a few millions of rupees. Yes. This is a fact. Achieving the great masters’ painting skills is truly a more difficult thing than earning big money. I think so.

To survive or to live for the moment I did many things in life. I have written 35 novels in Telugu along with 5 books on art & creativity in English. Still I am working on another 5 books on art. And I acted, directed two feature films in Telugu. I ran an art school for children for nearly 15 years in Hyderabad which was closed in 2014. Many things in life.

Now, in the last phase of my life after crossing many bridges I think I have achieved my goal of achieving the painting skills of the great masters.. Not only in our country, throughout the world whoever has seen my paintings are praising me.

Through searching my inner self, I have understood I have achieved the greatest dream of mine. Earning some money is a small thing comparing with what I have experienced.

Once we are born on this earth some day we also have to die. It’s fact. You could not change that fact. But how you use the time in between life and death is the question. I feel I found an answer for that and I have lived that way … I will live in the same way for the remaining few years of mine …

Now I am asking all of you … Am I Successful Artist or A Failure Artist? You people have to tell.

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