Why Artists Paint?

Artist: Magunta Dayakar
In the early hours of the day, this question suddenly flashed in me.
At the same moment, I have also got the answer.

Every human being on this earth will struggle a lot to survive, whether they are poor or rich. If they are poor they will struggle to meet their basic needs, if they are rich they will struggle to grow. Both will struggle for survival, paths may be different. 
So struggling for survival is must for any one whoever they are, whatever profession they may be in. In that game of survival everyone needs strength to fight. 
Same way … working a painting will test your strength more and more. It is more difficult task than any others. The reason … it’s creating life on a two dimensional canvas. If it’s not life, it’s creating a feeling of an illusion of life on canvas. 
Life is precious. Saving life or creating life is priceless. It’s invaluable. Even hundreds of crores of money could not save a person from death. Money has no value in terms of life. When an artist has to create life on canvas he should be richer than all the money in the world. Because he is creating life on canvas. But that richness lies in his mind. That richness is … desire to create. 
That desire itself is energy. In the universe energy is life. Without that energy there is no life. To create life on canvas artists will use that energy. In those moments he will explode like a sun. He will feel entire power of the universe in him, at that time. 
When that work is over, he will become relaxed but at the same time he starts to feel confidence about his ability to create. To them every painting is a challenge. That challenge tests their strength. If they realize their strength through their work, that will boost their confidence in their ability to survive

the obstacles in the journey of life.
That is the key … ‘Ability to Survive …’
From poor to rich, ordinary person to celebrity, everyone needs confidence to survive in life. Most of the people will lose the confidence and strength when the problems surround them more and more. Whereas artists will become more hardened day by day, with time. Irrespective of miseries which they are facing, they will continue their work as if nothing exists in the world except their creative act. 
The reason … whenever they are in work, they feel the energy. Energy is life. When a person is getting life from his work, how he could stop it, when life itself is invaluable?
That’s why … Artists paint not only to create life on canvas but also to feel life, in themselves.

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