Creative instinct survives only in that way

There is a wrong notion in many of the art students and art lovers that realistic artists are able to paint only realistic paintings, Abstract artists will be able to work only abstract paintings …

Similar notions are that oil painters are capable of working only in oils, water colorists only in water color and that acrylic painters are good at painting only in acrylics,

The same way, Portrait painters do only portraits, landscape artists work only landscapes, still life painters paint only still life…! This kind of opinion is false.

Art students once they are influenced by this kind of notion, then they will try to stick to one medium and one kind of subject. Then their artistic growth stops there. Art means creative. Artist means creative person. Creative person should always continue the search for new paths. Picasso is one such example. He was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright. He had started with realistic painting, then transforming into cubism and from there experimented with many styles….

Creative instinct survives only in that way.

An artist who is trained in language of art can work with any medium, whether its oil, acrylics, water color or any other, and he can work on any subject …realistic, semi abstract or abstract painting. All he has to do is adapt for new paths. That is Creativity.

Artists doesn’t need to stick to any one subject or any one medium for their lifetime as if it is their ancestors property. If they try to work like that for whatever reasons they won’t enjoy the artistic pride.

Here I have given examples of my paintings which are realistic, semi abstract and abstract in oils and acrylics.