Who said, if you are a painter you have to sell paintings ….

”Are you promoting your work now!?” Some people who know me from a long time asked me with surprise.

I was not surprised by their question. People who know me well would ask that question after seeing what I am doing now.

Since two months I have been writing continuously on my blog, posting on my face book page along with my paintings and started to interact with millions of people.

The people who knew me since decades never expect this kind of act from me, even in their wildest dreams. What they knew about me is that I am reluctant to market me and my work.

Yes. They are right. I feel uneasy to go to the people to sell my work whether they are potential clients or galleries. I know what I am. Some things won’t suit me.

Of course, I sold whatever I painted till this day and at present I don’t have any paintings with me to sell. This happened just because people like my paintings so they bought all of my work.

People have a notion that, being a fine art artist, you have to sell your paintings, if you don’t sell you are a failure.

What a wrong notion! Selling paintings is not the only way to survive as a fine art artist. You could teach and paint for pleasure and … you can write books on it if you are truly that good. If you are not good, if you are a mediocre, you should face survival crisis. Not only in art, mediocrity faces crisis in every field, when economy is not positive.

Who said, if you are a painter you have to sell paintings as if it is the only way for an artist’s survival?

In truth, Painting is an act which enlightens our mind. The students who are coming to my class are experiencing that change in their minds after a few classes. But this enlightenment, relaxation and calmness would happen only if they achieve artistic growth, that means learning technical and creative skills. A good teacher will help students to achieve that.

Who is a good teacher?

The one who has a commanding skills on subject, who has the best communication skills, who is able to understand student’s absorbing levels and finally who is ready to share whatever he knows …is a good teacher. This kind of teacher will help the students to attain the enlightenment of being an artist.

When you are able to others to help achieve enlightenment through art … is there anything greater than that?

If you sell paintings, only you will earn money and fame but if you help others to experience pleasure and relaxation through your art, it would be more meaningful for being an artist.

So, I choose the later than former because it suits my nature.

Now at the age of sixty six, I have started to feel that I don’t have much time on my side, so better to spread my knowledge to more distant places than limiting to Hyderabad. The Facebook, the twenty first century’s wonderful innovation is helping me to continue my journey.