Our rules


People called him a good artist.

Everybody praised his paintings.

One day he went to a gallery with his works.

Gallery owner also praised those paintings.

Then he asked the artist…” where have you got your degree?”

” I am a self taught artist. ” 

‘..Oh! Any awards? ”

” No sir… I have never sent my paintings to any competitions. ”

Till this day how many shows you did? ‘’

” No sir… Till this day I didn’t think of exhibitions. Only now..I come here to ask you for that.”

Gallery owner didn’t talk for a few moments.
Then he said ” I am sorry ”

” Why sir? My paintings are not good? ” The bewildered artist asked this question.

” No. Not that. Your paintings are really good. But we have our rules. We only exhibit the works of artists who are having degrees, awards and who have conducted shows…those are our rules. ”