Questions on Composition and Design



  Line, Value , Color , texture and many more of these things are the parts of Composition and Design. These are the structures of Painting. Every art student should understand these things properly. Otherwise whatever skills he has is useless. After learning Drawing, Value and Color, student has to enter into the world of Composition and Design.

Then he has to find answers to many of these kind of questions……

What is the function of ‘Line?’

What are ‘Geometric and Organic Shapes?’ How do they act?

How ‘Line’ and ‘Shape will make a Dynamic Movement?

What is ‘Balance and ‘Counter Balance?’

How ‘Contrast of Shapes and Contrast of Colors ‘ will function?

How the ‘Grid’ , ‘Circle, Triangle and Dynamic Compositions will function?’

What is ‘Pattern?’ What is the importance of ‘Patterns?’

By using ‘Repetition’ , how do you make a Design Rhythmic and Harmonious?

What is the crucial role of ‘Balance?’ How many ways are there to achieve ‘Balance’ in our work?

How ‘Radial Composition ‘ will work for Animators?

How Color proportions will work for Fashion Designers?

How ‘Spatial Depth and Textures ‘ will work for Interior Designers and architects?