Why they are good…

Two Ponds

  A friend advised me, .. You are not good at marketing. Everything needs good marketing strategies to sell. Hire a good marketing person. He will sell your paintings.’’

People have an opinion about me that I won’t listen to their useful suggestions. They think that, if I listen to them, my life would have been different. So this time I decided to listen to them. I hired a marketing person.

People told me that he is the best. He can sell anything. I showed him all my paintings. After seeing them he was excited. He told me that he had never seen this kind of work.

Next day he came to me. He said, ” I got an idea to sell these paintings. With that idea we will sell these things easily.’’

I also excited.

I asked him, ” How? ”

” We publicize that Bill Gates bought two of your paintings. Then everybody will buy your paintings.’’

I got confused, ” But Bill Gates didn’t buy my paintings.’’

He laughed and he said, ” Who cares? By the time People knew that Bill Gates didn’t buy your paintings,you would have become a star artist.’’

Now I understood why they are good at marketing.