Do You have The Character of a Creator?

The overwhelming response for ‘ Secrets of Creative 
Thinking from Artist’s Point of View ‘ is moving the 
deep layers of my inside. It has inspired me to write 
more about it. 

Landscape        Artist : Magunta Dayakar

 In present times, everyone needs little or more creative thinking to survive in jobs, professions and business. A number of books have also been published on it, but the problem is most of these books are not reaching the general people’s understanding level.

As a professional fiction writer I know how to reach common people’s understanding level. Using those skills I will try to explain the character of a creator, which is needed very much to do creative thinking.

To achieve the character of the creator, you require some characteristics in you. It won’t come to you like an inheritance. There is only one way… you have to acquire them.

I am confident that I have considerable understanding about how to achieve the character of a creator ; I will share my knowledge with all of you in my Wednesday Column from 3rd week of the November

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