How to teach Painting to adults who want to learn it as a hobby?

How to teach Painting to adults who want to learn it as a hobby?
A very big question!

Usually they won’t even have basic drawing skills, but they want to paint beautiful paintings like professionals within a few days! How is it possible on earth?

But some of the art teachers try to meet their expectations. In that process the results are disastrous, highly unsuccessful. After a few classes those adult students would lose interest in learning painting, consequently those art teachers also lose the students. At the end both sides end up being losers!

Having taught painting to adults for the last 15 years, I have understood how to teach painting skills to them in a few months time, which they enjoy for their life time.

A teacher has to make them understand, learning art is not just doing some colorful paintings, it is more than that. It is understanding life. If they understand life they will be able to enjoy it, whatever day to day problems they would be in. It’s a great relaxation. This is the teacher’s responsibility to help them to understand this great truth.

I am going to write about this in every Sunday Column from next week.


Portrait of Two women                             Artist : Magunta Dayakar

( I have done this painting in oils from black and white Photo which was taken probably in the nineteen sixties. I work portraits only from photographs which I feel comfortable with. When I saw the photograph, I was inspired by the plein air feel in it. So I did this.)


Read this snippet 
They didn’t teach her how to paint
( Excerpt from my kindle book – Everyday Experiences of a Struggling Artist)

I met her in one of my friend’s house. She told me that she is an artist. She did few paintings also. Now she is not finding time to paint.

I listened silently.

She invited me to her house to see her paintings.
For courtesy sake I said ” Sure. ”

Later I forgot about it.

Suddenly, One day she came to me, and told me that she wants to attend painting classes again.

She told me what happened to her in previous art school.

‘ She went there to learn. They offered her a package . In that package, they will help her to finish three oil paintings. For that she had to pay six hundred dollars that includes material. She could choose one still life, one landscape and one figure work ; sizes should not cross 24×18 inches.’

She felt a lot of joy. For six hundred dollars she would get three oil paintings. She would also hang them in her house and be able to do painting later. She was excited.

She paid happily. She finished three paintings with their help and she hanged them in her house. She thought that she could paint on her own.

But the joy was short lived.

From that minute problems started for her.

Whoever comes to her house used to appreciate her paintings and they asked her to do few paintings for them. She enjoyed their appreciation and requests for her work.

One fine morning she started to work. Within a hour she was in a depression.

The reason … she was not able to paint. Slowly, reality dawned on her. That… ‘ in her art classes they did everything. They didn’t teach her how to paint. So she could not paint on her own.’

Once she understood the reality, she stopped to paint.

From that day, she began to say to the friends and relatives that she could not find time to paint.

But her interest in painting did not wane. Someone told her that I teach in a truthful way. So she came to me.

After listening to her, I said, ” As a student you won’t get finished paintings in learning period, you will only learn how to paint. Once you learn how to paint, you will be able to finish paintings on your own. You can hang them in your house or exhibit them in a gallery. Till that day forget about taking finished paintings to your house. Is it okay for you? ”

She said it’s okay and joined.

Few months later, one day she came to me with an invitation that she is going to exhibit her paintings in a gallery.

After that I heard, she never stopped to paint and didn’t complain that she is unable to find time to paint.

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