Secrets of Creative Thinking from Artist’s Point of View Part 4

Some people advise to others …” Think creatively.” but they won’t explain how to think creatively.

There are many books about ‘ Creativity‘; but they won’t give you the clear map of how to achieve it.

Arts, Industry, Business, Technology, Education, politics … everyone want to be creative but don’t know how to achieve it.

Many people in the world think creatively. But many of them may not be able to explain to others how to achieve it.

Nobody, and no books didn’t explain it with clarity on how to achieve it.

As an artist and writer, I am doing it with confidence; purely for my pleasure more than any other reasons.

Many people think what we are seeing is reality! Is it true? Scientifically it is not.
Eyes will see everything upside down. The brain will map them to normal appearance. It’s believed that for the first few days newborns see the world upside down, as their brain just hasn’t learnt to flip the images yet
Is it not amazing that what we are seeing with our eyes is not real! Then what is the reality?

To know the answer for this, I will narrate a story to you.

Swinging                            Artist: Magunta Dayakar

In thirteenth century there was an artist Cimabue, he was honored as the first painter of modern times. One day he was riding through a valley. On the way he had seen a boy with a lot of sheep. He stopped to talk with the boy as he was tired from his journey and wanted a break.

In a moment, He saw it. He was surprised at what he was seeing.

It was a drawing of a sheep on a flat stone which surprised him. It appeared full of life. He asked the boy, ” Who drew it? ”

The Shepherd boy face blushed with embarrassment and slowly he answered ” I drew it with this ” and showed a sharp stone.

More surprise in Ciambue. Again he looked at the sheep drawing on the rock. Rarely will he see that kind of life in drawing even if it’s done by a professional artist.

‘ What makes this boy’s drawing capture so much life? ‘

To know the answer for that question he started to talk with the boy. After talking for sometime he got the answer, why that drawing had that much life.

The boy used to come every day to the valley along with his sheep to feed them. Once he comes there he would forget everything, even the sheep. He used to observe everything whatever exists around him. Flowers, shrubs, bushes, stones, sky, hills, clouds and his sheep… He knew every movement of them by heart. How the flowers would glitter with sunshine, how the clouds were running in the sky, how the sheep would rest under the shadows of trees, how they move to find and eat grass, take rest, run from one place to another place ….

Slowly with time his heart was filled with those images, even in sleep he started to see them. Then one fine moment he took a piece of stone, sharpened and started to draw on the flat surface of a nearby large flat shaped stone. He had drawn everything what he knew through his heart. Everything, whatever came from his heart captured life.

After knowing the boy’s story, Cimabu took him to Florence to train him.

Later the shepherd boy became the first Renaissance painter who introduced accurate drawing from life which is called representative art. The boy’s name is Giotto.
While Byzantine period ended with Cimabu, Renaissance age started with Giatto.

Now, again we will come to our question, ”…What is the Reality? ” Why Cimabu was surprised by the shepherd boy’s drawing? If the camera clicks the same visuals, will it not get the same effect?

‘… Impossible.’


Is not realistic whatever camera snaps? Does it not appear so? If not …why?

Before answering this again I will go back to Walt, Robert and Nick Melin.

Read these lines again …

Walt …

Once construction of the park began, Walt wanted to know always, everything that was going on in the park. He knew about everything. He knew where the water pipes were, how tall the buildings were, he knew how the park ticked.

What’s the essence of these lines? Walt Disney wanted to know everything about his park and he knew about them by the time it was completed.

When children were playing in filthy conditions in the park, why only he got the idea of constructing a park where children and parents can enjoy their time. Why other people in the park didn’t get the same idea?

Analyze Robert Williams’s words

”I re-studied my anatomy and worked on drawing from the inside out. I advanced backwards and filled in the missing stage. “

See the phrase … Inside Out.

Not just surface details, getting to know everything what lies inside. Is this not the same as what Walt Disney did? Knowing everything about his park!

Read Nick Meglin’s words once again…

”By observing nuances such as these, you will be more aware of the ‘norm’ so that your own ‘distortions’ will be the result of conscious choice.”

What is the essence of these words? Knowing all the things about the thing, then you will know what you have to do.

All these people are saying the same… ‘When you want to do something about something, know about it completely… the inside and outside of it.’

What is this Inside and Outside?

How to understand it?

How Giotto sketches are different from camera snaps?

If the camera snaps are not realistic … are Giotto sketches realistic?

If they are realistic …why?

Not only artists, whoever wants to be creative they should know the answers for these. Let us find the answers for these questions… 

(To be continued in next week)

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